For a good six months I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a blog. A friend encouraged me to do it as a way to “put myself out there,” since I’ve been job hunting for about three times that long.

I’ve made lists of topics. I played with a name. I’ve made new lists. And tweaked tag lines to go with the name.

Then, this morning, I read this on another blogger’s blog:

the fact that you are aspiring or beginning to write a blog says this about you: Like me, you find enough time in the day to write; meaning you probably have enough going through your head to write about; meaning you probably have writing talent. 
Hmm. Since I’ve been writing for most of my 25-year communications career, writing does find its way into most of my days. I definitely have plenty going through my head to write about. And, since clients and employers have actually paid me for my writing in the past, I can assent to the whole talent for writing thing.
I don’t have a reason not to get started.
So there, I’m doing it. Introducing South of Fifty…musings from a 40 plus chick.
Now where’s that topic list?